Testimonials for James Pinkney, BA, BSc, MCSP, CGIMS

Jan 2020  ‘Sorry to take so long to reply, however I have been considering quite carefully if I still need your excellent treatment. Following regular sessions with you last year I have now reached a comfortable level of movement, sleep and mobility without any pain, so I propose that we stop treatment, at least until and if the situation changes. I want to thank you for helping to eliminate the extreme inflammation and pain associated with my herniated disc, which would otherwise have involved a dangerous operation on my back, or long term use of pain killer drugs. I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone in the same circumstances. B Sikkel

James Pinkney (physiotherapist) has, in around a 3 month period, quite simply changed my life by stopping my TMJ pain/cluster migraine type headaches. 10 years of severe pain, resolved in a matter of weeks with techniques that are amazing and an instant release of years of tension in my shoulders and back.  No medication or fuss. Just simple sessions of Gunn IMS and stretching; techniques that hits the root of the problem and provides results beyond belief. Thank you so so much James I can start living my life again now pain free. You are never allowed to retire!!!!!
Zishan Akhtar, London

My Neurologist strongly recommended that I see James for treatment, having sent his own wife to him with excellent results. I was very impressed that – rather than launching in to the treatment – James gave me a thorough check up and looked carefully at what the problem was rather than what I thought it was.  After the first two treatments the results were already spectacular.  After 6 treatments the pain which was, quite frankly, making me depressed was minimised to such an extent that life became worth living again.  I achieved much more movement in the affected limb also.  After 12 treatments I was considerably more mobile than previously.  Having pins stuck into me is not my favourite pastime but James seems to work magic with them.  I would recommend James highly.    Valerie M (Director)

“IMS is an innovative treatment technique that really helped me push through a plateaux in my rehabilitation” Gordon D’Arcy, Leinster & Ireland Rugby

When I saw James I was recovering from post-viral fatigue and struggling to lead any sort of normal life. My head pains meant I couldn’t think clearly, and I could barely work. I had just been offered a new role in a very exciting company and was terrified that I would have to turn the job down. Within a matter of days after seeing James I noticed vast improvements, and a few weeks later I was back at work. Thanks to his nutritional and exercise tips, it wasn’t long before I was back to full health. Without his help I would’ve been unemployed and without a social life, so I totally owe him my career and for restoring my life. He’s fantastic!   Guy L (TV producer)

I have had lower back pain for the past four years or so that got increasingly worse.  Despite visiting several different osteopaths and physios, the symptoms just never went away despite being given a number of exercises that were meant to strengthen my back to help alleviate the pain.  It had begun to be something I accepted I would have to live with… until I was put in touch with James Pinkney and his amazing Intra-Muscular Stimulation technique.

The difference within only a couple of sessions was quite amazing and the technique makes such sense.  James worked on my entire back and neck and you can feel the tension release in the muscles as he does it.  The muscles feel a bit achy for a day afterwards, but the feeling of relief from the burning back ache I was getting permanently was incredible.  I can honestly say my back feels completely pain free all the time now, even when waking up in the morning which had been the worst time of day for the pain.

It is a unique technique and I just feel incredibly lucky to have come across James as I know this method of treatment is still quite new in the UK.   S. Bray, (Recruitment Consultant). 


I had surgery in 1993 on a slipped disc and afterwards had a lot of pain in my neck and my left arm and shoulder. This continued until I was referred to James a few years ago. He cured that for me, I haven’t had any problems with it now at all.

I also had a terrible back.   I had had surgery for it in 1995. I was well for two years and then it started to deteriorate.  I was on pain-killers, I had epidurals and I was in the pain management clinic and I had tried acupuncture all with limited success.  Quite simply James is my life-line now. If I didn’t come and see him for maintenance I don’t know where I would be. When it starts to get bad he nips it in the bud before it takes hold.   A. Gibson

I was at the end of my tether suffering from migraines. I had been told nothing more could be done. I was recommended to James. After a detailed assessment he told me that my muscles were very tight and were causing my migraines. The transformation has been amazing. I very rarely get headaches now let alone migraines and can do so many things that I couldn’t do before.

The work James does is amazing and works really fast. Anyone suffering from Migraines should give it a go.   S Coombes

I turned pro golfer at the age of 21. I became the Sunshine tour champion in 2001 but I began to develop problems with my back probably due to a scoliosis and have been off my peak for the last four years. The transformation in two sessions of IMS with James is incredible. My body feels like it did when I had just turned pro.  N Lawrence (Golfer)

Pain management had failed and I was facing an operation on my back. I was in terrible pain, using a stick and walking with a limp. I was referred to James who treated me with IMS and slowly but surely the pain went. The stick has gone as has the limp. The treatment has been so effective.

S Bullock

Last year I had been trying to get my Achilles sorted out for three months.  After two weeks with James I was back jogging.  Recently I strained my hamstring. I saw James again and was able to complete a triathalon a few days later.   A Leatherbarrow (Banker)

I’m 28 years old and had been suffering with chronic neck pain and daily stabbing headaches for two years taking a cocktail of painkillers to enable me to work.  I went to see James earlier this year and he recommended Gunn IMS. He was immediately able to identify the source of the pain and treated it effectively, providing me relief from the outset. Within a few sessions I was able to stop taking the painkillers and now I am almost fully recovered.

I cannot thank James enough for his excellent treatment and I will continue to recommend him to friends and family.  E.Berry (Research Analyst)